Atlantic Arts Photography | About

Sixteen years ago I captured my first love story behind the lens and I was hooked!

Rich, buttery, natural light makes my heart skip a beat and resonates throughout my images.  I'm captivated with photographing people, and driven to bring out what makes each individual or couple unique.  Documenting natural, unscripted expressions is what I am passionate about and what drives me to continue to bring these moments to life with my camera.  Whether it’s a new mama nuzzling her sweet-scented baby, a high school senior feeling confident and determined to set out on their own, or a teary-eyed parent gazing at their daughter on her wedding day; these are the moments that fulfill me to be a part of and give back to my clients.  

Atlantic Arts is a full-service wedding and portrait photography studio, with years of experience since opening.  What makes my work stand out is the attention to the smaller, lesser noticed details that make your gallery that much more personal.  Not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera at first, so I can help in allowing you to feel at ease as I guide you through the shoot.  My trained eye and experience will ensure that we bring out the most complimentary of you at this time in your life, while making it feel effortless and fun!  Photography is so much more than just pictures we quickly share online with the world.  Precious moments set within beautiful landscapes - timeless - to frame on your walls or fill your family albums, all to be treasured for years to come.  Exist in portraits.  Let's capture these moments now! 

I'm based in gorgeous Tacoma, Washington, but my adventurous spirit takes me all over for shoots and I am happy to travel for bookings!

If you are interested in a consultation, reach out via email so we can get to know each other over a cup of coffee (or a Skype date)!  We can discuss what your unforgettable moment looks like and capture it now. 

Sincerely, Jennifer Fleming
(253) 441-1179